We’re living in the 21 st  century, where things are moving quite fast. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and people are living their busy lives looking to the future and forgetting our roots, our past, and our history. We have a project here that requires a team effort; a team effort to restore a diamond in the rough, an endangered species. It is astonishingly the last one known to be left of its kind, and there were only 10 of them ever made. The last known to be left will bring back special memories and 20 th  century history to our present day. It’s a 1937 GMC Streamline, a Rainier beer and ale delivery truck. Rainier was very popular for quite some time throughout the 1930’s and 40’s. Their slogan said it all: “The American Ale for American Tastes.” Their successful run halted in the early 50’s, and was bought out by Pabst Blue Ribbon which is persently reviving the rainier brand. This 1937 streamline truck makes a cameo appearance in the 1938 Academy Award winning film titled “You Can’t take it With You”, starring Jean Arthur, James Stewart, and Lionel Barrymore (Drew Barrymore’s grandfather). It was a rolling billboard that was in service throughtout the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. The state of Washington’s has created a statewide holiday known as “R-Day” in respect and remembrance of the Rainier Brewing Company, which take’s place October 24 as an annual event in Seattle. This last of it’s kind 1937 Streamline truck has history, and it needs your help to be brought back to life. Any and all proceeds are greatly appreciated. In turn for supporting the project, donors will get a complimentary gift(s) for your appreciation. Gifts range from T-shirts, hat’s and appreciation certificates. Donors will also get an exclusive VIP behind the scenes look at the progress of the project. Donors will get to see this historical piece vibrantly come to life. If you would like to be a part of history, and would like to donate to this restoration project, Please visit the link below for gift information.

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